Jazz has been my life’s passion for awhile now.

I was born and raised in the New York metro area into a family that included older sisters with sophisticated taste. They played jazz and Broadway soundtrack albums on their record players and I lapped it up. My older brother was an engineer who built his own stereo so his sound equipment including a microphone were toys we played with.

The idea of actually being on the radio was planted by my journalism professors who pushed me in that direction. After graduating from NYU, I went to ATS (Announcer Training Studios) in New York. They trained us in how to read news copy, write commercials, cover sports, interview techniques, and how to present music.

The next step was marriage and moving to the great Northwest. I was able to start my radio career in Seattle then the Washington coast and Astoria and finally Portland.

Currently, I’m at independent, non-commercial, listener-sponsored KBOO in Portland. Along the way I got involved in the Jazz Society of Oregon and since 1996 I’ve been interviewing local musicians for their publication, Jazzscene. What you find here are samples of my involvement in the Portland jazz scene. Thank you for visiting!